Week 31/52

Because my Project 52 is dying so I have to update it everyday na. Too bad. But still,I’m going to finish it! The photo above is a snapshot of what my planner looks like,oh no it’s not a planner,it’s a journal which I update every time I’m free from school works. Mehehehe!

September is going to end so fast! I didn’t know that it’s already 23 until I got to see my calendar! Ehmergerd! Christmas time is coming & I’m excited to go home at my parent’s hometown! Gonna spend my Christmas vacation with a complete family because Dad is going to be back home. Will definitely take more pictures with him,this time my camera won’t be misplace or lost! A family picture will also do! Ohmy,I miss my Dad so much! Well,I have to be a good student now because Dad will going to see my grades personally so I don’t want to disappoint him this time. I know God will help me. And this Saturday night will be going my last time to sleep late because as I’ve said,I’m going to be a good student! A productive one,yet. Hrhrhr. Second term,well hello! 🙂

Enough of the rants,by the way the  photo is a SOOC shot! I hope I can post everyday despite of heavy schedules I have. Let’s see! 🙂


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