Last Wednesday,Mom decided to have a family bonding on weekdays! Haha,because we’re too busy for church activities every weekend. Sooooo…because of studies,I already forgot to post this one and since I have free time tonight,I’m gonna share what happened that day. 

Okay,wait. All photos is SOOC because I still don’t have a photo editor and my Photoshop is still crashing!!! Boyfriend is out of nowhere now because he’s too busy with some family matter so no one will fix it for me. *cray cray*

Little sister & brother! ^_^V

My sister & Mom,holding their ice cream!

We’re also with my baby godson,Nathan!!! He’s too cute for my life :3

We ate at McDo first since my siblings didn’t like to ate at a different restaurant in the mall. We love McDo forever! Haha. After eating at McDo,my siblings & baby wants to play at WOF so we went there & bought tokens worth 200 bucks! 

I don’t know if my baby is enjoying his ride on this little airplane thingy but I think he is. Hehehe,this cute boy! :>

My mom is enjoying that arcade game (i-don’t-know-what-it-is). Oh no! Mom is angry!!! Hahaha.

After the game…my little sister is enjoying in the back. Hi!!!

The tickets we have won! We got 150+ tickets and we’re going to get more next time! Yay for a family bonding like this!!! ♥

After playing,we went to grocery to bought some necessities for the home. And we’re all like a happy kiddo! Thank you,mom & thank you God for giving us that day a wonderful one to treasure! xx


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