Hello guys! So it seems that I always forgot to update my blog,I’m so sorry. School works & the new term is killing me,the fact that our campus hired new professors. It’a hard to communicate with them,okay? And prelims is fast approaching! :< Anyway,I don’t have a proper post to blog because as I’ve said school is killing me. Hehe,well let me post some of the highlights happened to me since October has start.

  • The first 3 days of the first week of October is really a horrible week to start because I didn’t attend some of my classes.
  • But the next 3 days is very much pretty okay! Thank God,he gave me motivation to cope up with my sickness “being lazy”. It’s an achievement,though I didn’t attend my laboratory! Haha! 😀
  • I feel giddy when my Accounting prof ask us to bring a journal for the Saturday laboratory. It’s my first time to use a journal for accounting,okay? :>
  • Fail when she only need journal sheets not a journal book. Excited kase eh!
  • I already gave a new look for my WordPress blog which I’m going to post the link on my blog sooner! And…I’m going to exchange ads with my co-bloggers very soon too! I already have 3 ads from different bloggers to post on my blog!
  • I also gave my Tumblr blog a new look and it’s still under-construction! Hehe,gave me some suggestion guys on what to put on my blog! Segment,also! Hihihi :>

So that’s it! I hope you guys have a good week & I wish you all good luck specially to those who will take their final exams! xx


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