Finally,I survived!

Preliminary exams for the second term is finally over and I thank God for helping me to survived from it. I was worried the day before we had our exams because I don’t have my permit yet. And God is amazing! My Mom went to our school the day we had our exams and she’s the one who get my permit. My scholarship has something to do with it, I don’t still have my endorsement paper.

The first day of the exams went well,the exam was easy as a pie because I review and read notes from it but the second day turned out bad,Calculus was difficult along with the Filipino.Well,if I review for the Filipino maybe I’ll get a higher grades but I didn’t so sorry for myself. I promise I will study hard for the Midterm period. I hope I can do this! God will be there for me,always.

By the way,the photo above is an old photo. You guys have to know one fact about me,I love taking photos of clouds. They’re so beautiful,right?

So till next time! xx


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