I went outside the house to take some nature photos because I miss taking photos like this. Glad that the focus of my camera did well in this photo! Yay,I think I need more practice specially that Dad is going home with his semi-pro camera! Me is excited! :’> 

Anyway,I want to say sorry for my blog because I know I neglected it so much that I forgot to post some of the highlights in my life. I’ve been busy adjusting and coping up with my college dilemma. Yes,I’m still adjusting in my new school the fact that I’ve been there for quite 5 months now. Well,I think I did a really great thing this last weeks,hoping that I’ll be doing the same for the rest of the term. Why on earth we have to be a trimestral curriculum? We have to take the subjects seriously everyday. Kudos for me!

Moving on,so as the title of this post said,I’ll be restarting again and go back to blogging. I miss writing my thoughts out here,share photos that I took with you guys and more! Blogs that I followed help me a lot to be inspired specially those personal blogs I follow. You know who you are guys! Haha. I’m thinking if I’m going to post school-related blog post or those blog post that I have to research first? Maybe I’ll stick for the first one ‘coz it’s easy to blabber about my college life! Haha. That’s a great idea!

So guys,expect for more heavy text post from now on. Well,maybe I’ll attach some photos with it coming from my phone or my digital camera,let’s see. This post will serve to be a reminder for me! Kudos for blogging again! xx


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