Today was a mess. I always say that every time I never enjoy the freaking day! Well,I enjoy the rainy weather but it’s strong enough to give me the sick I was avoiding ever since,LAZINESS! I hate myself for that thing. I’m in the process of overcoming that sickness I have for the very long time. I skip classes this week because my body never cooperate since Monday but I manage to attend my classes last Wednesday and today? Duuuh,I skip classes again. This is my life,guys. Help me God to overcome this matter. It really pissed me off.

Anyway,let’s move on and be positive. Excuse my face above,that’s me for today. Also excuse for my unfinished room,Dad is thinking if they’re going to fix it or move it in the second floor. So that’s it! I tied up my hair today because it grows longer now and I love it. Last week,I’m having a hard time if I should cut it short again or stick with it but I think I’ll stick with it na lang since I have plans for my hair. Haha,check my Pinterest if you’re interested what plans I have for my hair. 

I’m up for checking blogs right now. I want to follow more awesome personal blogs because my dash is dying and to think that it’s sembreak for the others! Haha,hit the heart if you want me to check your blogs. Thank you!

Have a lovely night,lovelies! *u*


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