This is how my October really went so far.

  • The first week of this month turns so bad for me,I skipped classes or worst didn’t go to my said class and just stroll in the mall with my new friends. But I manage it when the school has it’s proper professors for every subject.
  • I enjoyed the last week of prelims until the exam day. But I was kind of disappointed with my grades. My Filipino prof was the disaster prof I ever met next to Ms. Meg. They’re really annoying! Giving me 66 for the prelims? The hell?!
  • I skipped almost 3 meetings for my Computer Fundamentals subject and Accounting. And almost two meetings for Math & Filipino. WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME? I need change. I really need to change.
  • I have a mild fever yesterday until today that’s why I didn’t attend my class for today and maybe until tomorrow. I’m really not okay till now and I’m having a mild headache. I wish my body will go back to it’s normal routine again. Now I need to be health conscious na!
  • Okay,I’m also having this little argument with my high school best friends. I can’t blame them because the problem is with me but I’m really annoyed on how they throw words at me like they never been my friend for so long! I asked them to please understand me but they only said some kinda annoying word to me. Then I flopped. Okay,I shut up. 
  • Then today,the girl who have an affair with my boyfriend before replied to my message 8 months ago. She said if my boyfriend is that enough handsome for her to be head over heels with my boyfriend. Owww? Really? Then why you said I love you,too to him? Are you giving me a joke? Well,nice try. And thank you for giving me compliments saying I’m ugly. I prefer to be called in that way rather than “You’re beautiful but your brain is empty.” Bow!
  • Wooooo! I’m sick but nice try! Hahaha. I’m happy now because I know God protected me through out this day. He guides my heart & soul and I know one day,I will meet him. ♥
  • Goodnight,lovelies! Happy Halloween!~ 😀

EDIT: Thank you so much for the new followers! I checked your blogs and your all awesome! Might follow some of you who’s running a personal blog! *u*


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