Hello November!

May you be a good month for me…well there’s nothing special with this month except the countdown,36 days left before my Dad will be finally back home! I miss my Papa so much! May God bless you Papa with your work & I know God loves you so much because he made you to be my Dad! :* Cheesy!

Anyway,how’s my life lately? Where did I spend the Halloween?

The family visited my two grandmother in the cemetery,my Nanay (Mom’s mom) & Lola Ading (Dad’s auntie).  I love you Lola & Nanay! I miss you! :* We also payed a visit to my Ninang who died 17 years ago when she was laboring for her twins. I’m only a year old baby when she died so I didn’t remember if I already meet her but I think I am. Haha!

I know you’re all safe & happy with God. And I see all of your smiles in heaven specially my Nanay. I miss you so so so so much!

Then yesterday,I accompanied my best friend Mae to visit her Lola in the near city cemetery. I also saw our relatives museleo! Hahaha,no…we only have the same family name but their first letter starts with letter O instead of U. Feelingerang froglet here! =))

After that,we headed to the mall to ate pizza & snack n’ sip from Lot’s a Pizza & Greenwich! We also drop by the supermarket to bought cookies & drinks for ourselves! Ang takaw namin,seriously! When we’re about to go home,we stroll at the city,visit the tiangge in plaza & bought stuffs. I super duper had fun spending the rest of the afternoon & night with Mae. Looking forward for more bondings like this!

So that’s it! How ‘bout you guys? Anyway,sorry for the LQ photos I only took them using my phone & the last photo came from my Instagram,follow me @whoknowsjhoanne! 🙂

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