Life lately (Insta-Week 002)

I’ve been having a hard time when it comes to blogging because I lack with ideas & inspirations. There was a time when I really don’t know what to blog…I don’t know but I feel uninspired. What’s happening with me? I have a personal blog but I lack of ideas on what to post. Anyway,leave it there…maybe I really need a change.

Yesterday was our school sportfest,it was my first time to join the said fest ever in my college life. Way back when I was in ACLC,I really don’t like to attend this kind of event in school because 1.) I’m not a sporty type of girl who loves physical activities. 2.) It’s started when I was in college! I love PE when I was in high school,the dance activities only. Hahaha! I’m always late when our school have this kind of event.

But yesterday,wow! I’ve changed a lot. Uhhh,maybe not a lot,a bit only. Hehe,I’m an early bird and quite excited for the parade. Anyway,the photo above came from my Instagram account,it was our cheering dancers. But the excited feeling fade when the sportfest I attended yesterday was a kind of fail,not only a fail but an EPIC FAIL one! They got a small gym for over 300 students attended the event? No electricity & no chairs! Plus,the heat is intense! There’s no electric fan or cooler or aircon or what! How comfortable watching the players to play basketball and volleyball! But on the positive side,our team won! 

When I got home,I got a headache from the heat in the school’s event! A massive one & it sucks that I have to lay on my bed as I got home. Thank God I have a stress/headache reliever,my baby! He’s my boyfriend that day because boyfriend already visit me the day before so he can’t take care of me. Drama much! Hahaha.

I thank God when I woke up today,I forgot that I bought foods when I got to the city yesterday. I forgot to ate it because of the headache I got,so I ate it this morning for brekkyyy & I love the whole morning for today! ♥ I also bought cookies together with this two & I ate it for my merienda while painting because I got bored,we don’t have an electricity for the 7 hours! Thank God it finally came back! 

I didn’t attend the second day of the fest because of the headache I got. Maybe I’ll go back tomorrow when I feel a lot more okay. I enjoyed staying at home todaaaaayyyy,I miss my bedroom and even my laptop! :3

How’s your life lately,lovelies? Follow me on Instagram @whoknowsjhoanne!



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