Barbie Movies Marathon!

Do you guys know that I love watching Barbie movies? They’re so cute on the screen,the digital and every thing cuteness in them. Hehe,anyway I watched two Barbie movies last week…let’s start with the Barbie: The Perfect Christmas.


Genre: Animation/Family

Rating: 8.5/10

Barbie and her sisters have a whirlwind of activity as they pack and prepare for their big trip to Manhattan, It’s December 23rd, where they’re going to have The Perfect Christmas!


A story of four sisters who will going to have their Christmas in New York but the sudden change of the weather will ruined their planned Perfect Christmas. I love the movie because it’s kind of like a musical movie. I love musical movies! The first ever musical movies I watched was the High School Musical.


Well,I love watching Christmas movies in the mid November-December season! My favorite months of the year! I love Christmas,okay? ♥ Specially now,my Dad will be home soon,we’re going to be a complete family on Christmas day and it’s the Perfect Christmas for me!!! You guys have to watch this movie if you love Barbie movies & of course,if you love Christmas as much as I do!


And now the second Barbie movie I watched, Barbie: A Fashion Fairytale!


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