Insta-Week 003

Hi,I’m still alive! I wanna say sorry for being such a really really really bad blogger! I neglect my tumblr blog so much & I want to pay some attention to it from now on. I’ve been busy with school works (?) and I really lack with inspiration,maybe I need some creativity. 

Anyway,this will be the last post ranting about myself for being,uh-bad blogger(?) Let me show you some of my Instagram photos for this week & last week.

Mom & my auntie went to St. Peter Chapel somewhere in Manila to visit our Pastora’s mother who died last last Monday. We almost lost our way but I thank God,he didn’t leave us,I am so happy that I got french fries that day & overload of fast food! Hee,I’m such a PG! :3 Love the Christmas tree there,it’s so huge & cute with the lights on & I’m happy with the bokeh kunyari shot!

Then last December 2,it’s our 28th monthsary of my boyfriend & he gave me this cute little dog I named Xianxian. I’m so happy to have a new baby in our house,even my Mom love Xianxian! ♥ He’s so cute diba? :3

I don’t remember when is the first time I ate McFlurry but when I did,I enjoyed it so much that I crave for this everyday! More McFlurry to come,I swear! Love this! ❤

This week was also the first time I saw our beautiful Christmas tree in lights! Yeah,I know it was small but I still feel the Christmas spirit! It doesn’t matter with the sizes or the decor,my family is always happy and that was the best gift I ever received in my whole entire life! ❤

Last Wednesday,I bought a new pink polka dot case for my baby “Anya” and I’m happy that I got her a new case. I skip buying cases last month and it frustrate me to used the old ones alternately so I decided to buy a new one. Uh,I’m an impulsive buyer,I really need to learn how to budget my allowance next year!

When I knew about this app on Android,I immediately download it & used it on my cellphone photos. I took & edit this yesterday when Mom & I went to the mall to pay my sister’s itinerary receipt for our flight next week. When the guard gave a card number to my Mom,I saw that it was “2” and took a photo of it immediately! Hahahaha,so landi! I posted it on my boyfriend’s Facebook account & I don’t know if he deleted it or whuuuut but if he did,I will cut his @#%$,srsly. -____- 😀 Luhhhh!!!

After the 30 minutes in the Business Center for the payment,Mom and I went to the nearest salon in our city to got my hair trim but it ended up having a hair spa session which my Dad uh,got quite curious why I did that? Haha,blame Mama,Papa! It was the salon’s promo so Mom took the opportunity,she also got her hair a hot oil session. Why so landeeeeee namin now a days? 😀 Well,because of…OUR DADDY WILL BE BACK HOME AFTER 3 YEARS OF WORKING ABROAD!!!! Yay,2 sleepless nights & I’m going to meet & bond with my loving but “masungit” father! Haha. Love you,Papa Daddy! :*

And for school updates: I’m two days absent since Thursday & it’s really bad for me. I mess up my school year this year & I’m hoping I could do more better next year. I’m really wasted 😦

Oh well,positive vibes please?! Till next time,lovelies! 🙂 xx


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