Surigao Del Sur 2012 {Day 1}

A photo diary of our trip to my parents hometown,Surigao Del Sur – it was only a short trip but I really had fun! Five days spent seeing God’s creation,beach hopping & tasting native food which you can only found there and enjoying the freedom from all school related works!

Our flight was scheduled 7:45 in the morning so we leave the house around 4:30am. I’m really sleepy that time we leave but the morning breeze helps me to keep me awake. Brrrrr…


The airplane has arrived! I feel so excited when I get to see the plane,okay,it was my first time to ride a plane so bear with me! 🙂


Leaving Manila a bit!



And finally we arrived at Butuan City! Are you quite curious why we landed in Butuan instead of Surigao? It’s because our plane ticket got the promo flying to Butuan last August and since Butuan is a 5 hour ride to Surigao Del Sur,Dad booked the ticket immediately.



Our van stopped at the carinderia located in Lianga,Surigao Del Sur to ate lunch and the view beside the carinderia’s was extremely amazing! God is really amazing! 


Yay,my favorite seafood was served! 



After 8 hours of ride,we finally came to my grandmother’s home & I get to see this old family photo with my Auntie’s,Uncle & grandma & pa! I’m the small child down there and beside me was my little cute cousin (before,lol) with his wacky pose! My Dad was the one wearing an old school eye glasses,haha! And beside him was my Mom. 

Day 2 of our trip will be posted soon! I’m still editing the photos of our trip & I have lots of works to finish so I think this travel post will get delayed. But I’ll try my best to post! 😉


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