122512 – A perfect Christmas!

If you’re thinking about the Barbie: A Perfect Christmas movie,you’re probably wrong because this ain’t a movie review. Hihi,it’s only a title for this post ‘coz today wasn’t the perfect Christmas I’m wishing for but it’s okay. I still managed to be happy! 🙂

It’s my blog’s first time to spend Christmas here on Tumblr. And I wanted it to be more memorable even if it’s not. Haha,I’m a bipolar blogger I guess! So let’s continue what really happened to me today. I spend my Christmas at home with a complete family & I’m really happy that finally,I’d spend Christmas with my Dad! The last complete family Christmas celebration of us was last 2009 so it’s been a long time!

I feel giddy when I saw these gifts under our little Christmas tree! FYI,there’s no gift for me in that picture. Yes,I’m still happy without those gifts ‘coz I know God already gave me the best Christmas gift of all! 

Our noche buena! It’s not very festive but at least,we have foods to share!

Buko salad & I’m proud to say,I’m the one who made that! I wish all the foods in the whole wide world is simple to prepare like salads! Hahaha,teach me how to cook! 😀

Memorable picture so far for my 2012! 

After giving all the presents for each other,we ate like it’s the end of the world & had a very happy celebration of Christmas! I actually slept around 2 or 3am. Then the day of Christmas…it was really a boring one! Yeah I know I’m not a little kiddo anymore but I want to celebrate the Christmas itself with my family having lunch or dinner outside but my Dad didn’t want to. So,okay. I decided to go back to sleep and I sleep,sleep,sleep & sleep. Productive Christmas isn’t it? Hahahaha!

Then a while ago,my family went to my brother’s birthday. (I don’t have a brother,really but his my Dad’s godson so I really treat him like my elder brother.) Haha,don’t get me wrong! We didn’t left the house ‘coz my brother’s house was in the neighborhood only. Geez! But I had fun (?) 

So that’s how my Christmas went! I hope you guys are happy today as much as I do,really. Happy Holidays! 


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