It’s been a while…

It’s been two days since my Dad went back to work again,if you guys remember,my Dad came home last December and he went back last 26th of January. I have this mixed emotions in me,the day before my Dad left,I showed people how happy I am because we’re also celebrating my Dad’s advance birthday party but deep inside me is crying. I know my Dad didn’t want to leave,he wants to see us while we’re growing up. I know he will miss how stubborn I am & my siblings. I know he will miss the kisses & laughter everyday in our house and little did I know,he will miss my Mom. But things didn’t go in our way,he needs to work for us,for me & my siblings studies & for our everyday life.

Today,Dad is celebrating his birthday and he’s too far from us but if he’s still here,though I woke up late today,I’m going to hug and kiss him. I’m not a kid anymore but I miss how I used to be waken up by  him & after I wake up,I hugged him and be on his shoulder. I miss those things. I miss him. He’s my first ever boyfriend. He’s also my first love. He’s my Daddy and I always be his little girl. I’m really a Daddy’s girl and my Dad knows about that. 

Today,our home feels like there’s someone who left. It seems that the four corner space of it is playing those sad songs & I’m the one who’s crying over it. Dad,I promised,you will never have to work far away just for us. Someday,I’m going to help you & Mom,we will be a complete family again like before. Dad,I miss you & I love you. Happy Birthday,Daddy!


Your little girl ♥


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