Hello guys! It’s been a long time since I type a proper post for my Tumblog,actually I’m running another blog on blogspot and I mostly focused my attention there since I created it but not anymore,I’m going to organize what kind of post I should type there and here on my Tumblog. Oh,also I’m going to link my blogspot post here on my blog so you can see it guys. (as if I have readers) So kudos to me!

Anyway,I had a great day today and I really can’t get over with it. Let me put my rants in bullets!

  • I went to school very late and it sucks, I planned before I sleep that I’m going to school as I wake up and get ready but my plan is ruined. Mom had to go to the market and I’m going to babysit my godson and cousin ‘coz their mother is nowhere to be found. Such a great parents,NOT! :bd 😐
  • As I went to school,I saw a lot of students falling in line in the registrar area and our SD is also,nowhere to be found. I badly need to talk to her to get my INC fix so I can pass it to my scholarship  admin.
  • Luckily,I saw her on the accounting area but she’s too busy so I get shy to approach her.
  • Since I got disappointed with what I saw,my friend,Abby asked if I can join them go to the mall to get her phone fix. And obviously,I said YES. Nawalan na talaga ako ng pag-asa para maayos ang INC ko that time. 😦
  • We went to the CyberZone area and as we wait for her and her phone to get fix,me and Rhea stroll the gadgets stores there.
  • Then after half an hour,we all get hungry so we immediately went to McDo to have merienda.
  • I’m really on a diet but I thought of pigging out myself since I’m really depress with my INC grades in my two subjects and I didn’t get my permit for tomorrow’s exam.
  • I ordered,Chicken McDo w/rice,float and a regular fries. Oooohhhh,fast food!? Your food was extremely mouth-watering but not healthy for me. Hehe,Monday Cheat Day for me!!!
  • After eating a lot,(*burf* excuse me,hehe) we went back to the school to try my luck again and….
  • I approach Ms. Berna,our administrator teacher if I can comply my INC and she said,YES!!! (I’m really a lucky daughter of God!) But she’s not sure of it so she asked our registrar and….
  • Our registrar also said YES but I will comply it after our exams week,but I can get my exam permit that day!!! (ANOTHER YES!!!) Ya ‘know what,I’m really happy that time and I accidentally said “Thank you,Lord” in a louder voice. Ssssshhhh…Hahahaha.
  • Yay! That’s how my Monday went. And oh,I love my braided hair today,no photo though & I also bought two nail polish as a reward for myself. 
  • BIG THANKS TO MY FATHER GOD UP THERE! I love you infinity! 😉 :*

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