Valentines Day?!

If you’re going to back read on my blog,you’ll know how I spend my Valentines last year and it was the best ever Valentines Day in my life. It was my first time to received a rose from my loves and obviously,that was the last. 

I spend my Valentines yesterday alone,of course I’m with the family having a normal routine everyday. Nothing special. Yea,I have a boyfriend but I don’t know if he’s still my boyfriend. We’re not okay since this week has started until today and I don’t know what to do next. But I’m glad,one of my friends visited me yesterday. Thanks for the visit,Angie! You’re the best! 

My Dad also greeted me on Facebook & send me a picture of roses on my timeline. I kinda like it but my sister’s flowers on her timeline was more cuter than mine. Hahahahaha! 

So that’s how my Valentines Day went & I won’t elaborate it ‘coz definitely,it was a boring Thursday for me!!! 


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