Oops,I almost forgot that I still have a Tumblr blog! I’m really sorry guys if I’m MIA lately & I want to say thank you to my followers who stick with me until this day because you guys are truly awesome! m/ Thank you also for the new followers. Thank you so much for making my day! 🙂

Anyway,life’s been too hard for me this week and I really don’t know,maybe God is giving me a warning that I should have given him more attention ‘coz I’m really worn out for the first two months of the year. I promise,I’ll be a good daughter,sister,lady & a girlfriend this month & the coming months! I’m quite happy & it’s already March not because summer is coming (because I don’t have summer) but it’s for my upcoming birthday! I’m turning 19,yaaaaaayyyy! Do I really look & act like a nineteen years old teenager?! Hahahaha. I bet NO. I’m going to post my birthday wishlist soon! Ahhhhh,time really flies so fast but whyyyy?!

Okay,you guys should watch out for more post coming up because I’m going to make it up with my blog who I neglect a few times before. And enough for this rants! See you guys around! 😉


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