Recent Haul!

Today’s post is all about my recent haul and I’m excited for you guys to see it! I just received my allowance from Dad and it’s only a small price but I still manage to bought some of my needs for this month. Here are the things I bought from it;

1. Pink Ipanema flip flops from Althea // 2. Flats socks from FootStep // 3. 3D Laptop Skins from CDR-King // 4. Red Leather case from UNO // 5. Purple colored hair brush from UNO

6. Crayola Colored Chalk from National Book Store // 7. Caronia Nail Polish in Sweet Surprise (Yellow) BlueBerry (Blue) & Delicate (White) from Watsons // 8. Hello Kitty Baby Wipes from Watsons // 9. Dong-A Fine Tech in 0.3 from National Book Store

I also bought a cross colored bracelet from Althea and a braided mint green belt from Genevieve Gozum (not in the photos,though). I’ve been using the socks,the phone case,the hair brush and the baby wipes. I also used the nail polish in color white & yellow but I suck on painting my nails all by myself. I need someone to do it for me,maybe my Mom as soon she’s available?! Hehehe. 


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