Second day of March.

This post is two weeks late but let me blog about this one to catch up things in my life. Hehe,so last March 2,my auntie had their despedida in Club Manila East,her daughter which is my cousin invited me to join them because she’s going to miss me…a lot!

The kiddie pool,we’re always here because it’s only 3 ft. above. Haha!

And because my cousins got bored in the kiddie pool,we tried the 5ft. pool. My little cousins is always on the side of the pool & I’m the only one who can go in the middle…walking and not swimming. Yay! Hahahaha.

At lunch,we ate the ‘famous’ Chao Fan of Chowking! I  got two of it because my little cousin,Joy only ate a few of her chao fan. Anyway, I found the photo above soooo funny! Look at my auntie,my two little cousins reaction and also moi. Hahahahaha!  

We left the resort at 4pm and took a group shot before we left. It was a happy moments to be treasured forevs! Oops,all photos was taken by my uncle.


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