Insta-Month (March)

Hello guys! Today’s post is going to be an Instagram update for the whole month of March. This is going to be my first Insta-Month post and obviously the last. I have to post this one because I have to make up  for my Insta-Week segment post which I neglected since last November 2012. So let’s get started!

1.) I received this book from my Pastor the first week of March and I fell in love with the book. I’m longing ever since for a leadership book and this one is perfect!

2.) I bought this cute colored beads bracelet with a cross. I’m such a sucker for colored bracelets ever since the year has started. I don’t know why I’m beginning to love bracelets but anyway,I also have this kind of bracelet last December but it got lost when we’re in province.

3.) I’m happy I finally wear this necklace which my boyfriend gave me last October as an advance Christmas gift.

4.) One of the topics in the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens.” I got bored so I took a picture of it and put it in Instagram.

5.) I’m craving for cake that time and because Mom didn’t allowed me to buy one,she gave me this Fudgee Bar. Hahahaha! 🙂

6.) Her handwriting is a bomb! 

7.) The heat is becoming so intense since last week so I always bought Halo-halo! 

8.) The last time I went to school,I have my french fries cheat day! I bought a regular fries together with rice &  burger steak at Jollibee and McFries & Coke float at McDo! Yea,I’m on a diet since last month!

9.) My Mom’s slightly failed leche flan,she’s not an amateur of cooking leche flan but she tried experimenting it. She mixed the egg white in the egg yolk!!! It tasted like scramble egg but it was so yummy eh!

10.) The beautiful morning sky. Aaaaahhhhhh…*u*

11.) Who doesn’t love braids? Hahaha.  I fell in love with braids this month and I’m going to do it more often. It looks so beautiful!

12.) 6 letters,1 word & a big meaning behind of it. Do I really need to explain it?!

 13.) Strawberry for breakfast is perfect! ❤

14.) A glance of my last year graduation picture which I only got last Saturday. This is the only picture I smiled…hahaha!

15.) Last but not the least,a photo of my currently favorite shoes. I wore it from my sister’s graduation yesterday.

So that’s it for this long post,I hope I’m going to update my Insta-Week more often. If you want to see more,follow me on Instagram: @whoknowsjhoanne. Thank you guys! Have a happy Wednesday! 🙂


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