OOTD: March 19,2013

I missed this kind of post,it’s been a long time since I posted an OOTD. Anyway,I’m the photographer of the day for my sister’s graduation day yesterday and this is what I wore. 

Dress: Thrifted

Ballet Flat Shoes: Parisian

Accessories: Colored beads w/cross from Althea

Mom and I went thrift shopping last time to look for a blouse fitted for her and I stumbled upon the dresses section so I search for one. I also found a UK printed jacket there but I thought mom would kill me if I get that so I left it hanging there. When I asked my mom if I can buy it she said yes and I immediately ran off to the jacket section but baaaam! The jacket is already taken! It caused me a mini heart attack so to cure it,Mom and I went to the other thrift store and she let me choose 3 pieces of clothing there. 

The first time I saw the dress I fell in love with it and I thank God I didn’t let go of it unlike the UK jacket piece. Maybe I can find another one soon! 😉 

The photo was taken in my sister’s school which is also my school when I was in first to fifth grade. So much memories there! 

Hype my latest post on Lookbook! Ballet Princess


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