Marie’s Graduation Day!

Last Tuesday,that was last week I went to my sister’s graduation day to accompany my Mom and take photos of them. My sister is graduating from elementary! I really don’t plan to attend my sister’s graduation but this time I just had to. Hahaha!


Mom and my sister who’s graduating that day.


A photo op with one of my youthmates! Her brother is also graduating and also my sister’s classmates!


Spot my sister!



I’m sharing with you guys a few facts about me and my sister’s school. It was also my Alma mater before when I was in grade school but I didn’t graduated there because my family have to moved to the near city so it was hard for me and for my sister to commute so we transferred school.

Before,there was no covered court for us so we have to endure the heat in the morning when we have to attend the morning flag ceremony of the school! Thank God my sister didn’t suffer from it also my baby brother who’s currently studying there. And my favorite place in that school is the location of the flag where it has stairs, which they destroyed a few months ago because they’re going to build a new multi-purpose covered court over it. Saaaaaaddddd 😦


Anyway,here’s the photo of my sister waiting for her turn to take her diploma! I’m such a proud Ate here though she’s not that good in academics but still!


And our proud baby with her diploma! I don’t have an obligatory photo with her…oh we have one but I look haggard there so no,I’m not going to post it. Hehe! 🙂

Mom also cooked a little food for us to celebrate. I don’t have a photo tho but it was goooooood! :bd 🙂


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