My Birthday Wishlist!

Birthday Wishlist

My birthday is coming in one week and I don’t feel excited,ugh maybe I’m just sad right now while typing this one so I don’t feel the excitement about it. Well,it’s going to be an ordinary day once again but uhm,I’m going to have this slumber fellowship party with my youth mates so let’s see! So I started this wishlist thingy last year and I’m continuing it this year. Here it is:

1. High low skirt – I’m not fond of wearing skirt all the time but hey this one is an exception. I wanna try wearing this one because it’s too cute  Haha!

2. Carmex Lipbalm – I’ve tried so many lip balms and I also want to try this one. I’ve read good reviews about it so it’s not bad to try it,ayt?

3. Braided bracelet – I already fell in love wearing bracelets now a days and particularly,I want to try the colorful braided bracelets. ❤

4. Make-up brushes set – Yes. I want a make-up brushes set so I don’t have to use my fingers every freaking make-up time when I go to school or wherever. Hahaha! Talk about convenience okay?

5. (Any) Mint Green Nail Polish – We don’t have here the brand Essie so I’m  really having a hard time looking for a mint green nail polish. Somebody please message me where I can find it or gave it me na lang as a birthday gift. Hehe!

6. (Any) Dry Shampoo – We also don’t have dry shampoo in the Philippines but Etude already had it. I really want to try dry shampoo ever since I heard it from MacBarbie07 🙂

7. Skater skirt – Yea. Skirt again. This skirt is also too cute for my life! :3 I think I’m going to wear this kind of skirt everyday!

8. Boots – We have a tropical country so it’s not comfortable to wear boots in everyday life. But…I really want to wear boots specially when it’s cold. I think I’m getting weirder every year? -.-

9. Emergency make-up kit – My needs! I don’t want to bring my whole make-up kit in school because it’s too heavy! So i really want this kind of make-up set. Where can I find this?

10. Messenger bag – I received my first ever messenger bag from my Ninang but it got wasted when my Mom brought it on my graduation last year. So I really need one!

11. Our Daily Bread – I didn’t finished my 2012 Our Daily Bread because of my laziness and hectic school schedules. I hope I can get the 2013 one so I can read new inspirational stories from it.

12. Samsung Galaxy Y fancy phone cases – Do I really need to explain this one? I fell in love with cases since last year!

That’s it! Greet me on April 9,okay? ❤


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