Life Lately: First week of April!

Hi guys! April is already here and I started this month with a bang! This month will also be the busiest and the most craziest month for me,I already know it from the start! And since I miss updating my Tumblr blog,I’m going to share with you guys my first week of April.

I started my April with my friends in the neighborhood and we went to Angono Wawa just to see the new look of it. Actually,it’s only my second time there but it was worth it. It looks more beautiful than before!

April 2nd,I went to the market with my friends again to buy some foods for our swimming outing the next day. I spend half of a thousand sa foods pa lang! And now,I’m already broke!? 😦 Then at night,my Mom came home from the province and I fetch her at my auntie’s house with my friend,Mae.

April 3rd,the most awaiting event of my April. My rest day from all the stress I’ve met since my Mom left for my Lolo’s wake last March 22. I’ve decided to have my rest day with my friends getting tan with the water pool. I’m happy they’re not kill joy! It was the best day of my April so far! Thanks a bunch guys! Love you all :*

I’ve been a substitute mom for two weeks and taking care of my three little siblings is the most worst part of my teenager life. It was very hard! Wooooooo! Thank God and I survived from it!

April 4th,I went to school despite of having body pains I got from yesterday’s swimming outing. I didn’t attend my 9am class and so my 1pm class but I get an attendance. Thanks to my college friends for very thoughtful! Char!

April 5th,my Mom and I went at the Farmer’s Mall to bought the materials for the church upcoming Vacation Bible School. We stroll the whole Cubao area for half an hour searching for the Christian Bookstore there and thank God,he gave us the way! I really liked the VBS theme this year but still,I want the Side Kick theme but it’s God’s will so let it be.

April 6th,stuck at home. My usual routine every Saturday,nothing special happened.

April 7th,Sunday service! Thanking God for the whole week full of blessings and meeting my boyfriend after 236843505819 years. I miss him so much! :’)

That’s it! And to summarize my first week of April,it was amazing! Thank you Lord. Thank you so much! ♥


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