Life at 19

My 19th Birthday!

I celebrated it with my youth mates and we had this overnight sharing party last April 8 and they greeted me ‘happy birthday’ on April 9 exactly 12 in the midnight. I planned the overnight party very organized but the plan got ruin but it’s okay,no one is perfect. I had fun though! After the overnight,we watched a movie,we’re going to watch “The Pitch Perfect” but it turns out as “My Amnesia Girl” (hahaha!) because the dvd didn’t read the first one. The movie ends around 4am,and we all slept.

I get up on bed around 10 in the morning,hugged my mom,ate breakfast and bond with my cousins who actually went to my overnight’s party. And the normal routine everyday goes on. Around 4pm,mom and I went to the salon because I want to have new hair look after getting 19. Hehe,so yeah,my hair is now short,I actually regret it but I’m going to rock this haircut na lang! 😉

At night,mom cooked siomai for dinner and my boyfriend visited me. He owes me a lot because of his disappearance for three weeks. We don’t have a photo though ‘coz his not fond of it,(ugh -.-) I’m actually looking forward for a photo with him but let’s wait until this year ends. He left around 11:30pm and I love him for spending that night with me though I know he have to work tomorrow. I’m already missing my guy! 🙂

It was a typical birthday celebration,nothing fancy but every moment is magical and special. Thank you God for the another year you gave to me,the people who greeted me and made efforts just to make me happy,those people who loved and cared so much to me from the very start and to my family who loves me so much. All in all,it was an amazing day! ❤


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