Life Lately: Just a piece of cake

Hello guys! I know I’ve been neglecting this blog ever since the year 2013 has started. I put up a blogspot blog last November because I thought it was easier to manage than Tumblr but nothing beats first love so I officially abandoned my blog there and stayed here on Tumblr! Yaaaaaay.

And to make it up for my blog,I’m going to update you guys what’s happening on my life right now (in bullet form!)

  • I have a very busy schedules last month,I’m really stressed,worn out,exhausted and tired because of the massive church activities put up on me. Thank God,I survived from it.
  • I turned 19 last month and until now,I still don’t have my life goal. Heh! 😦
  • I also attended a teaching seminar for the children ministry of our church,I planned not to go but thank God I did because if I didn’t,the gift boxes for the children will decrease.
  • There was also a day last month that I met all my beast friend from other planet. Hahaha! I’m soooooo mean but hey! I do really hate them because of some personal issues. And let’s forget about it.
  • That day also I got sick because of lack of sleep and the day before that my highschool friends visited me so I need to be with them. We talk about our high school memoir and we slept around 3am. Thank you so much for all the get well soon messages I received that week!
  • The rest of the week is my rest days! Wooooooo!!!
  • And the first week of this month which is May,our church celebrated it’s 3rd year anniversary and the youth was the one who supervised the whole event. Thank you guys! 🙂
  • Last Monday,the boxes for the children came and we have to look after it and manage the list of the children. That boxes came from a great sponsor which is the Operation Christmas Child,they’re also the one who managed the teaching seminar held last month.
  • And we arranged all the things needed for it this week and the releasing of the boxes will be on Sunday! And we’re pretty excited about it!
  • I also have one confession about the boxes,I broke one of the core values of OCC. I don’t want to elaborate what is it so I will make it private between me and God.
  • I’m also looking forward for tomorrow (Saturday)! I’m going to enroll myself to a new school which I’m going to announce soon what school is it,if I successfully enrolled there.
  • Tomorrow also,my Dad’s family clan were going to celebrate the birthday of our only grandmother we had (because all our grandmother & father passed away.) It’s a swimming party but I don’t know if we will be there on time because mom & I need to be at the school exactly at 8am. But let’s see! 😉
  • So that’s it! I’m going to blog more soon. See you soon guys! 😉

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