New adventures!

As I’ve already said on my last post,I’m going to announce on my blog which school I’m transferring to,so here it is. From AMACC Pasig,I’m now a student of Jose Rizal University in Mandaluyong! I also took Majors on my course,I’m now taking BSIT Major in Animation and Game Development so my blog will be filled with some artsy fansy from my aléatoire student mind.


It’s so hard for me that I’m going to leave my not so old school,I’ve been in AMACC Pasig for only a year but I treasured all the memories and hard times I spent there. It was a good school but (I’m going to keep the reason why I transferred to myself).

On the positive side,I’m really happy with my decision of transferring. I feel so excited when they asked me if I’m sure with my decision of taking Animation and Game Dev’t because BSIT-AGD,you have to be good in drawing. I’m not that good in drawing but I really love to draw!!! Heh,I never posted any art-related stuff on my blog but yes,I do draw!!! I stop drawing when I entered college ‘coz you know,I’m busy with my studies but I’m really happy that I’m going to take arts while studying computer related subjects.


So here’s my subjects and section,take a look first on my section! I’m in a block section which is AGD1-1 or 101D! Thank you Lord! 😉 I’m really God’s daughter because he didn’t let me to transfer from section to section to take subjects there and there. It was really hard for me to get along with different people because I’m a shy one!


So after paying my tuition,I need to have my ID picture taken at one of their classroom. I thought they’re going to take my picture then I have to go back to get my ID but I’m wrong. They already gave my ID the moment after they took my photo! Amaze balls!!! :3

The sad part with this,I’m going to study again for another two years or maybe more than that but I wish not. I’m starting to get shy at my dad,he’s the one who’s working just to earn money and gave it to us for our needs. And I know he’s working hard for me and for my siblings studies so we have to be a good student this time,specially me. This school year I promise,I won’t let any distraction came into me. And at this very moment,I’m asking for God’s guidance,love & protection for me so I can finish my studies.

Cheers to my new school,new environment & new people to meet! I hope this school would be my last second home. xx


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