50 Things About Me

Hello again guys! I’m bored so I thought of doing this kind of post called “50 things about me”. Maybe it’s time to share more about myself with you guys so let’s get started!

  1. I have lots of nicknames. My friends in school or at home calls me Joan,Jo or Joana, my relatives used to call me Dang,Ate and Kayaha and my abnormal best friends calls me Pangit,President or Bernadeth.
  2. They said I look alike with Amihan in Encantadia but I don’t see any resemblance.
  3. I have 3 siblings.
  4. I’m the eldest.
  5. My father works as an OFW in some part of Middle East.
  6. I’m close to my cousins in my father’s side than my mother’s side.
  7. I’m an Aries.
  8. I was born in Sta. Mesa Manila but my parents raised me in Angono,Rizal.
  9. My favorite colors is pink,red,gray and white.
  10. My favorite food is “Sinigang na Hipon” and “Macaroni Fruit Salad”.
  11. I used to draw when I was in elementary and high school.
  12. I started writing fiction stories when I was in Grade 6.
  13. I’ve been baptize twice. (When I was a baby in Roman Catholic and when I’m a second year high school student as a Christian.)
  14. I’m a Saturday Bible School teacher.
  15. I love to shop at the mall when I’m alone.
  16. I have a history of ulcer and I’m afraid it might come back if I don’t eat my breakfast every morning.
  17. I love the look of the cakes specially when it is serve for a birthday!
  18. I love watching Barbie movies!
  19. I also love fairy tales, specifically the tale of Cinderella!
  20. I’m into collecting cute notebooks and stationary.
  21. I’m a Candy girl! I started reading Candy magazine when I was in my first year of college.
  22. I already graduated a vocational course – Computer System Design and Programming.
  23. I’m a fan of Teletubbies and Bananas ‘n Pajamas in my childhood!
  24. I love the rain pouring down slowly but I hate heavy rains!
  25. My Dad always brings home KFC Chicken and brownies (in pack!) when I was in elementary.
  26. And I love KFC’s chicken gravy!
  27. My Dad works as a KFC/Mister Donut store technician when he was in the Phils.
  28. I’m a Daddy’s girl!
  29. I’m a spoiled daughter of my Dad (only if I get an A+ grade!)
  30. I love clouds specially when I’m in the plane!
  31. I already have 7 godsons & daughters! 😦 🙂
  32. I used to curse people before but not now,because it’s bad!
  33. I wrote fake love letters to my elementary classmates and I got in trouble because of that! Hahahahaha :))))))
  34. I started blogging when I was 17!
  35. I already have five blogs but deleted the other 3.
  36. I’m a big fan of french fries and pizza!
  37. I’m a fan of Angel Locsin and I used to cut out pictures of her from the newspaper or magazine.
  38. I’m really a shy person but when we clicked together,I assure you I’m one of the craziest person you’ll ever meet!
  39. I’m a great procrastinator and idk why? D:
  40. My favorite teen movies of all time is “High School Musical Trilogy”.
  41. And I’m a fan of Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron. I want Zanessa back! I think they’re the most amazing love team for me! ❤
  42. I don’t like my meal to be plain specially when I’m eating at a fast food,I will order sides to complete my meal!
  43. I enjoy watching movies when it’s a comedy or chick flicks. :3
  44. I also enjoy watching Youtube beauty/fashion videos.
  45. I used to dance before. I joined a cheer dance team when I was in highschool!
  46. I’ve never been in any countries outside Philippines.
  47. I love drinking coffee and hot chocolate drink.
  48. I’m a fan of this cute little creature,Hello Kitty!
  49. I love my family and I’m happy we’re a complete one tho Dad needs to work far away from us.
  50. I love my friends,my boyfriend and God!

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