Hello guys!

School has already started and I’m becoming more busier than before. As much as I want to blog every other day I can’t because my schedule won’t fit. I have classes every Monday to Thursday and I always got home around 8pm,all tired and haggard. I wish I can post more Uni related blog post on my blog and as of now I’m trying.

Anyway,my life in my new Uni is good and I’m enjoying every hour I spend there tho’ the prof is really strict when it comes to assignments and such things but I like it. I know it’s weird but I miss those kind of professors because it’s been a year when I experienced having assignments,projects and such. And note,it’s been a week since I started my new adventure at my new uni so I’m really looking forward for a busy semester! I’ve met a few new friends and they’re all kind and sweet,I hope they will stay like that forever (Yea. I’m hoping.)

So that’s it guys! I promise to update my blog every Friday & weekends and my ask box is always open for messages,let’s chitchat there!

Happy blogging!


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