College Life! (once again…)

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to education,no matter how old you are as long as you want to study,you’re free to do it. I admit,I’m already 19 and I took some subjects together with the frosh in my uni but I don’t feel being out of place with the section I belong now. I feel like I’m only 16! m/

Also one thing I love about my new uni is their library (which is always crowded when it’s lunch time,idekw!) < the only thing I hate about it. But yes,you can still study and concentrate there (if…) Hahaha! I always stay at the library,(mostly at the second floor because it’s more quiet there) every time I have my vacant time. Ooops,sorry if I overused the open and close parenthesis.

I go to school every Monday to Thursday and my schedule every Tues & Thurs is very tiring because I have to stay at the school for 12 hours in a day! That is 7:30am – 7:30pm plus my commuting time which is more than one hour. Imagine the heat & the suddenly pouring of rain,I’m so exhausted for that day. But I enjoyed it specially when our subject is Basic Drawing and Graphic Design,two of my favorite subjects this semester. Woohoo!

I already draw on my sketch pad and try drawing on a drawing tablet. I will let you guys see my so-called-works once I scan or took a pictures of it. Maybe that will be my next post! So that’s it for today,have a nice day guys! 🙂


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