Old drawings.

This is my drawing book I bought last year pero hindi pa siya napupuno ng drawings. Don’t ask why because I’m a lazy ass! Hahaha! Cheers to myself ‘coz I keep it for the sake of having a drawing book.

This is not the very first art I draw on my drawing book but maybe this was the second or fourth? Idk. But I did it a year ago and I love the outcome of it,I posted this art a year ago also and here’s the link of it. This is also my first try of using watercolor as a coloring material.

I already forgot when I created this art but this one is my version of the Starry Starry Night of Vincent Van Gogh. It’s really not like the SSN art but I got the inspiration from it. It’s like a kid’s artwork,hahaha!

And this one? Just a random watercolor art of a flower (idk what kind of flower is this,you guys guess! Bwahahaha!!!)

And this one which I only finished coloring today is a girl wearing a flower crown. I used coloring pencil for the colors! I love how I draw her eyes and face,maybe I should stick on drawing cartoon like characters instead of sketching realistic characters. But let’s see what is my forte?! Huehuehue.

The reason why I posted this old drawings of mine is to remind myself how my drawing looks like before so I can see my improvement in the upcoming months. And to keep myself inspired and motivated to improve whatever mistake I’ve done with my sketches and drawings. I’m taking Animation in college so I have this basic drawing subject. Kudos to me and all the artist students there! ;bd


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