Random LQ

So yesterday,boyfriend and I fought about just a random problem. I didn’t text him since the morning I wake up until the very moment I got home from school. Oops,I didn’t had the chance to attend my 1:30pm class because I was late,disadvantage of living from far away land. Haha! So I went home immediately. Then at 4pm,he’s the one who texted me first telling me he’s going to visit me at home. And since I’m a bit angry with him I only said okay,then the rain suddenly pour hard. Then again,he changed his mind…instead of him visiting me at home, he wants me to meet him at SM then stroll. But I disagree with his plan. Galit ako sa kanya kaya bakit ako pa ang pupunta para makita siya,effort guys…effort! But then,hindi siya nakatiis,hindi niya ako matiis,hahahaha! 


So there you go! He had no choice but to visit me, I scared him that if he wasn’t going to visit me,I’m going to disappear and he will never see me again. No communication and all! And my threat worked and I’m just a happy and silly girl yesternight because I had the chance to punch him and pinch him as long as I want. Heeeeee! And that’s it,I don’t know when will I see him again,but let’s see. 🙂


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