Getting started…

It’s been three weeks since the school has started and I don’t have regrets taking majors on my course. I got myself some few things to start for my Drawing subject like a new sketch pad (Yay! It’s not a drawing book anymore,hahaha!) and some pencils our prof has required us to buy. I didn’t take a picture of my sketch pad because everyone knows what it looks like already,right? But I’m going to show you guys what’s inside of my sketch pad!

For our first day at the drawing class,our prof want us to draw anything we’d like to draw. And I decided to draw this girl watering her plants,I really don’t know why I draw this one but anyway,my prof said he liked it!

And for our second meeting,our prof taught us the three basic pencil sketching. My circle is really not a circle so it’s a big no,no,no but my shading is good (according to our prof) 😛

Last Thursday was our third meeting in drawing class and our prof taught us the human proportion (don’t have a photo) and he liked my work but my proportion is not that really good but I will do my best to perfect it! And I’m looking forward for more lessons and sketching and etc, I’m inlove with our subject and I’m willing to learn more about it.

Aside from our drawing class,I also love our Graphic Design class and guess what our first work is all about?

Taduh! Our prof want us to explore the use of a drawing tablet and we’re going to draw whatever we liked. This is my first time using the drawing tablet in the laboratory,I know it sucks but hey! I love my works! How do you think guys? Yay or Nay?!

And also last Thursday,our prof taught us how to stroke or line art a sketch and ooooohhhhhh… it was awesome! I tried to do a line art of Yano,one of the stars of the anime Bokura Ga Ita and I love the outcome. It’s really not perfect though. :<

I have decided to sketch tomorrow morning and paint it using watercolors so let’s see if I’m going to make it! I really want to practice,practice and practice. Cheers! 🙂


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