Unplanned movie date!

Last July 3,upon riding on a jeep to school, thoughts came in to me and there, I decided to meet up with my boyfriend after school to watch Despicable Me 2 on cinemas since it’s now showing.


I’m the one who treat him since it’s his birthday month so it’s my advance birthday gift for him. Hihihi :3 I’m such a sweet bb girlfriend! Wazup with the bb?! We haven’t called each other like that! Hahahaha!!!

I texted him while I’m at school and he agreed to meet up with me at 6pm at the mall so I’m pretty excited! I’m at the laboratory that time and my blockmates are doing our laboratory exercises while me is texting my boyfriend! Bad student! YEP! 😛

My class ended at 4:30pm so I immediately ride a jeep going to the mall and unfortunately,I came late for the 6pm showing so Jervin and I decided to watch DM2 on it’s last full show. I’m quite nervous that time because I know Mom will get angry,this will be the first time I will go home late just because we watched movies at the cinema. But yeah,YOLO! Hahaha!

While waiting,we ate first our dinner at Chowking and after that stroll a bit around the mall and we ended up teasing each other at the foodcourt. And the funny thing with it is “Napapagitnaan kami ng dalawang lovers,yung nasa kaliwa,halos langgamin na sa ka-sweetan tapos yung nasa kanan,sobra naman mag-away. Umiiyak na nga yung lalaki tapos yung babae,taas pa rin ng pride. Hahahaha,odiba? Tapos kami ni Jervin,KALMA LANG.” Hahaha!~ 😀


My reaction when Despicable Me 2 start showing!

Despicable Me 2 was the cutest movie I’ve ever seen in my whole life plus I watched it with my love of my life and it’s our second movie we watched together at the cinema. ♥

But the worst part of this is when my Mom really got angry with me & the boyfriend. Good thing I’m in the good mood to hug and make lambing to Mama so she already gave up on me. Pero pinaghugas niya ako ng pinggan as a punishment! Heh 😀


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