Exams are done!

This week is extremely stressful because we had our preliminary examination from Monday till Thursday. I thought it wasn’t going to be this stressful because it’s just only prelim exams but I’m wrong. I reviewed some of my lessons in other subjects and the others is not but surprisingly I got a good score in some of our online based exams. Thank God for all the wisdom and knowledge, didn’t review that much on that subject! :3

But I’m nervous about my AGD11 & 13 exam result because…ugh,our prof didn’t taught some of the questions in the examination sheet. I don’t know if I’m going to pass or not but let’s see the God’s will for me. Right now,I’m enjoying my weekends because I have no assignments & school works to finish! Hooray!

Thanking God because he never fails to be there for me,always. Specially in the times like this. Thanking Him for the wisdom & knowledge he gave for me to answer all of our exams. He is totally great and powerful! ❤


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