Life Lately: One Sunday afternoon

Yesterday 072113

I have a wonderful and blessed Sunday yesterday! Mom,sister & I went to church in the morning,thank God of what He has given to us for the whole week and hearing the word of God is just soooo amazing! Though there are some problems my family is facing,God is always up there showing His love for my family,not only for my family but for all of us. Isn’t He the greatest and coolest God in the whole world? :3

After the church time,our Pastor called the youth leaders to plan for the upcoming youth monthly activities and it’s still on process. Can’t wait for the said activities,it’s not for us but for the Glory of God! Went home around 1pm, spend the whole afternoon at my room,all alone. Surfing the internet and watching random Youtube videos. At 5pm,Tita Norie called me to sign the Application for Registration for the upcoming Barangay election. Yep,I’m not yet a registered voter of our municipal,last Senatorial election,I haven’t found my name on the list of voters. I thought it’s there since I registered before on the 2010 Barangay election for SK but it’s not automatically processed to a bonafide voter pala so I didn’t vote instead my friends and I went malling that rainy election day. Hehehe 🙂

Photocopied my ID’s and fill up the form,got my thumb mark signed by that violet ink and passed it to Tita Norie for the processing. Thank God for Tita Norie because I don’t have to go hassle for the application. Wooo! I can’t wait for my Voter’s ID sooner!

How was your Sunday? or should I say have a happy Monday! Let’s face this another stressful school week! Oh,we should all love school! ❤

PS. All photos above are SOOC! 🙂


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