Girls just wanna have fun!

After our class yesterday, my college friends and I went to Jerrie Mae’s house to dub our scenes for the storyboard. My original plan was to go home early because I have to meet my boyfriend because it’s his birthday and I’m going to give him my simple gift. But the plan was ruined,I really wanna go to Jerrie Mae’s house in Manila since then because I never went there. So that day,I did.

We ate barbecue and pancit sponsored by Jerrie Mae (of course) And we’re enjoying each other’s company specially Karen because she laughs so cute that you can’t resist and you’re going to laugh too. Hahaha! I don’t have a photo with them because…idk. We never did our dubbing project because we’re sooo lazy like that. No one likes to dub for Tina’s voice because she’s giving birth in the script and we don’t know how to reenact it. Hahaha!

I went home early at 5pm because I have to meet my boyfriend before 7pm so I can give my gift for him. Arrived at our meeting place exactly at 7pm and he’s gone mad because my load got expired while I’m at the jeep so I explained everything to him but the angry look & voice of him was only a joke. He only wants to tease me and he only said that he’s only joking in a text message so I’m not going to beat him. What a guy! But I’m happy,I got the chance to meet him even for the little time. ❤

I must say,a day well spent!


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