Midnight rants.

I am supposed to blog about things that happened to me for the past few days that we got suspended plus the long weekend but laziness attack so maybe I’m going to update my blog tomorrow or on Monday. Anyway,this post is just a random thoughts in my mind at this time.

  • I’m currently on a heartbreak, not with my boyfriend but with my friend’s boyfriend or I mean,her ex-boyfriend now. I look up to them so much that I got so jealous of their relationship because they’re so sweet with each other like cuddling in front of their friends,being best buddies because they have similarities & such. But now everything was gone. It’s been three weeks since they let go of each other and…here’s the thing I hate about the guy,he already have a new girlfriend! Kapal lang ng fez. Maybe he doesn’t know about the 3 month rule or he’s so kapal lang talaga to hurt my friend’s feelings. Imagine,three weeks pa lang at may girlfriend na agad siya? The hell naman diba? Consider naman niya yung naging relationship nila for two years? Tapos ganun-ganun lang? Grabe talaga! Haaaay…
  • Speaking of my boyfriend,the last time I’m with him was two weeks ago? I already miss him and I don’t know when will I get to see him again. I miss his voice,his hug,his thick,not-so-curly and long hair. I miss everything about him. It feels like we’re on a long distance relationship which is not. But it feels the same. I’m over reacting,yes. 🙂
  • I HAVE LOTS OF SCHOOL WORKS TO DO AND I HAVEN’T START DOING ANY OF IT. Oh well, I planned to do it maybe later afternoon (because it’s already morning when I’m typing this,12:32am) And our MIDTERM is also by this week! Huhuhu, I need to review all my lessons.
  • We also have lots of to-do’s for the church ministry. We have this youth discipleship to accomplish by God’s wonderful grace. I have to meet up with my youth mates so I can mentor them what to do on that date. Haaay,help me Lord.
  • And oh! Sunday service tomorrow morning at 9am so I better get a good sleep now.

I hope you all guys are doing well tonight. God bless! xx


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