Life Lately: College stuff


  • Midterm exams last last week.
  • Graphic design lazy moments in the laboratory every Thursday.
  • Shake shake fries & McSpicy!
  • Watercolor lessons in Basic Drawing.

My life last month has been tricky and hard for me,there are times I feel like giving up on my life and I find it really annoying. That time,I’m looking for my positive self way back year ago. But it is done & finished, and I thank God for helping me throughout that phase. I’m hoping life would be more better this coming months. I’m really hoping. Life has been good & better now!

Meanwhile,I already saw my grades for the midterm period and I’m quite disappointed with it. Well,its not bad after all because I got a higher grade now on my Basic Drawing subject which is good but in my other subjects…nvm. I know my effort is not that enough to have that expected grade but I’m really doing my best. I should stop procrastinating specially now that it’s already finals! Help me,God!

So that’s it for my post now,I hope I could do more blog post this coming days because I really hate it when I’m neglecting my blog so much. Might do a project on my blog to keep it alive! Hope you all have a happy Monday! x


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