Flashback Friday!

Last September 20,2013,the ComSoc society in our campus held their acquaintance party this year entitled “Flashback Friday”. The party theme is modern retro but obviously,only a few wear an outfit appropriate for the theme.

I planned not to go because I’m really not fond of that party thingy unless I have friends to be with but then I have few so I went to the party. As usual, I’m late for one hour but it doesn’t really matter because there are more late comers came after me so yey!!!

I actually prepare for this event, put a little make up on my face, did some diy-ed curl on my hair but the sad part here is my heels gave up on me. So I have to borrow our neighbor’s heels but it didn’t get the work well done so I have to wear my sneakers while on the jeep. Thank God I brought it with me! Comfy over style!


As I arrived at the campus,I searched for this girls because they’re the reason why I went there. They said I looked so ‘nanay’ with my get up just because I brought two bags with me,one for my necessities and the other one is for my camera. I have to put my cam on it’s camera bag just to protect it. You can’t blame me for over protecting my gadget,I’ve lost my digital camera before and the last one got busted by a relative so I have to be careful with my baby (camera) now.

Anyway,I only took few photos with it because I have to leave the party very early because I have to commute for an hour and a half to be at home. Here is the other group photos I took with some of our classmates!



Though I missed the exciting part of the party,I really do enjoy the company I have! Thanks for this wonderful night! Hope this wouldn’t be the last,looking forward for more next time!!! xx


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