Hello guys! I’m officially on a break…I mean semester break for school. I really need this since I felt the pressure within my taken course. At least now,I can rest and pray that God will do a miraculous thing on my grades. If He will then I’m very grateful,really. All I need this semester is to passed all my subjects so that I didn’t need to take it all over again.

Honestly,entering on a University like Jose Rizal is really hard for me. Why I’ve said that? I’m really having a hard time adjusting on my profs and classmate because they’re too far from my old profs & classmates before. I don’t know why but I think my stay in ACLC for two years was way better than this. But hopefully I can survive, I know I will because I have a big God on my back helping me so I really need a huge faith at this time of my life.

Anyway,I’m not here to rant about my struggle in my Uni,I’m here because I want to say “Hello” to you guys and I’m back on a ‘serious’ blogging at this time. I have all the free time I need so that I can blog and of course,I need a social life so I could share it also on my blog. So here’s a few things you will see on my blog this coming 3 weeks of my break!!! I’m excited!!!

  • First of all, I want to start my Bible devotion this break and share it on my blog. The Bible is one of my inspiration resources since I was a teen and God is my best of all best friend,through him I pass all the trials & obstacles I’m facing specially in my teenager life. God first before anything else! 😉
  • The Happy List – I already posted two THL entries and I plan to make more entries! It helps me a lot to stay inspired & grateful in life. 🙂
  • ‘Month’ favorites – I’m a fan on watching this kind of videos on Youtube and since Ate Camie on decided to put it on her blog,I also plan to put my favorites on my blog also!!! I also got the ideas of THL from her. She’s really great! ;bd
  •  I also plan to check out some new inspirational blog over the web and share it with you guys. That would be cool! If you guys know of a inspirational blog may it be on fashion,personal,food or anything under the sun,don’t hesitate to TA-ed me,I would appreciate it a lot!
  • This semester break,I also plan to cook some food like adobo, menudo or maybe desserts and I try to share the recipe. I’m already 19 and I can’t cook for myself,huhuhu. ;A;
  • I’m also going to share my drawings and sketches I did this semester and the ones I’m going to make this break. Good news is yes,I’m back on arts and I hope it will continue forevs.
  • And lastly,my everyday diaries on what I did on that day,what I watch or what I eat.

So that’s it! I also hope I could make friends now on Tumblr, I miss my old Tumblr friends here and I don’t know where are they now or what they are up to but I’m trying to reconnect with them this month! Yay!!!

I hope you all guys have a good day! God bless! xoxo.


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