10|02|13: Birthday celebration!

No…no…no…it’s not my birthday. It’s my sister’s birthday next Tuesday but we’re excited to celebrate it so we had this pre-celebration of her sweet 16 yesterday! Oh yes,she’s already 16 and I feel old for myself.

We went to mall to have fun at ‘World of Fun’ and my siblings love playing there,we spend 200 bucks for tokens and it’s worth it!


Oh that’s me trying to drive for myself but I guess I can’t because I don’t know how to play that driving thingy majiggy. Hahahaha!!! Yay,such a loser!!!


And this two cutie babies is with us! They’re so cute for my life!!! (─‿‿─)


Selfie of me and my little sister after playing with this ticket crane machine. Happy and we got a lot of tickets from this,I think that was almost 300+ tickets!!!


After playing at World of Fun,we decided to ate at McDo. Of course, you’ll never get wrong with McDonald’s, my siblings love their fast food so much. We ate at the food court area because the tables in McDo is already full so no choice.

After pigging out, I got my phone fix at the service center because my phone’s charging pin got busted. Payed 500 bucks for it and now my phone is having this minor problem of charging because my cousin dropped it on the floor!!! Huhuhu ;A; I hope it’s still okay.

Mom and my auntie who was with us leave early because there is someone they have to wait at home so me,my sister and godson stayed at the mall for few hours to wait for my phone fix. After an hour I got my phone,then we went to the nearest store to bought a bag pack for my sister then went home.

I’m so freaking tired when I got home but I still manage to fix some things and I’m praying my phone will still be good till today. I have to get check it again in the service center if something is broken or what. Hoping all is well. So yeah,enough with my phone rants! Yesterday was a good start for my sembreak!!! I hope you all guys having a good day! God bless! xx


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