God’s Word of the Day! Vol. 1

Hello guys! Here’s my first entry for my “God’s Word of the Day” where I’ll be sharing some verses I’ve read on the Bible and made an impact with my life. I’m happy I have decided to start this kind of entry on my blog for God’s glory! So let’s start,shall we? 🙂

So the first verse on my entry is Proverbs 16:3, I’ve read this several times in the Bible & sometimes on the internet and I usually noted it on my mind. I’m not the usual kind of noting verses on notebooks because there are times I’m forgetting where I put that notebook. Hehe!

Anyway,back to the verse,for the very nth time I’ve seen and read this one from a show called “The 700 Club Asia” if you guys familiar with that show then good and if not,it’s a show in GMA News TV airing every 11pm Monday to Friday. Watch it guys and I’m sure you will feel blessed after watching that show!

We,mostly teenagers have plans for our life on what were gonna do after we finish our studies,hangout plans with our friends, plan to do this & plan to do that. But we always forget to ask the consent of our Lord to guide and bless us throughout that whole plan. Have we ever realize that our plans may be ruined because of some small mistakes we did in our life and we’re panicking if that happen? Who were gonna call? Our Mom? Our Dad? Our sister? How they can help us? Maybe they can help us if that’s financial or things but that’s not the point.

Every plans we have on our mind,always remember to commit it to God. Without God we can do nothing. If you’re planning to get your studies finish at the age of 20,then pray for it. If you’re planning to build your own business at the young age, then pray for it. If you’re planning to do your project one week before the deadline, then pray for it. What ever you do, whatever plans you have, don’t forget to pray for it and ask God for his miraculous blessing on it. I’m sure, your plan may be ruined at start but trust God,he will not ever forsake you. He promised that.


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