September Favorites

I’m very excited about this one because this will be my first time posting my ‘Month’s favorites’ on my blog. And for my first entry,here’s my September Favorites! I know this is kinda late because it’s already the second week of October but wth,it’s better to be late than never. So without further ado,let’s get started!


1. Wellaflex Curls & Waves Hairspray – This was given by a neighbor and I fell in love with it the first time I used it. It smell so good and it hold the curls on my hair for a long time. Makes me want to go curly everyday and throw this hairspray all over my hair,hahaha!!!

2. Myra-E facial moisturizer – I was browsing a beauty blog a few months ago and I stumbled upon a blog telling how to take care of your face. I read it and found out that a moisturizer is an essential and she suggest using the Myra-E one. I give it a try last month and I’m awe with the outcome on my face! Definitely my fave! I’m also going to try other moisturizers so I can compare products,maybe soon!

3. Marrionaud #32 blush brush – And because I’m a make-up freak now (idkw) I’ve started to invest on make-up brushes and I started with this brush. I chose the blush one because I think I might use blushes on my face but I kinda failed because I really don’t put much of it right now. But it’s one of my fave this months because I used it as a powder brush and I used it every single day!!! The brush is so smooth on my face and never gave me the itchy feeling like the brushes I’ve tried before.

4. DIY bracelets from a friend – It’s from Christine and I personally loved it! It’s handmade by her and I’m awe on how talented she is! She don’t have the idea to gave it to me first because she think it’s too small for a bracelet but when I tried it, it fits me perfectly! Thank you so much Christine and now I have my favorite arm candy!!!


5. Food: Cupp Keyk in Choco Mocha – This is my childhood cupcake before and when I found out that the store near us sells it,I have to get one for myself every freaking day! Hahaha!!! I know,it’s much affordable in the grocery but I’m too lazy to get one for myself. Another hahaha,again!!! 😀

6. Spongebob Plush Toy – I have this plush toy four years now,it was given by a highschool friend as a birthday gift to me and my Mom displayed it only on my room. So when the time comes that the plush toy is getting dirty inside the plastic cover who covers it,I decided to used it as my pillow last month. Hahaha! He’s my night comforter specially on rainy days and when the days I miss my boyfriend. Hehehe :3

7. Fashion: Pink Keds Shoes – My everyday shoes in school, I love the fact how comfy it is and I can climb a tree using this shoes but I don’t climb a tree so no. Hahaha!!! It’s dirty right now and I’m planning to wash it tomorrow or by this week. 🙂

8. Music: Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus – I’m not a Miley Cyrus fan but I love her song Wrecking Ball,I don’t know but I relate to this song last month because my boyfriend and I argued a lot that time. I love the song but I don’t like the music video of it. Funny right? But I guess I’m not the one who don’t like the video but still love the song. But this one could enter my September favorites because I listened to it a few times last month!

I hope everything will be okay this month of October specially on my grades which I’ll be seeing maybe this week or next week. Huhuhu,I really hope I could pass all my subjects,I’m praying. Anyway, our sembreak’s going to last for a month now because the opening of our second semester is on November 4 and it’s great! God is really good to me and he gave this month break to me so I can rest even just for a little time. He knows how pressured I am last semester! Grateful!!!

Oh,I’m also excited for our church project who’s going to have a Holy-ween special on the last week of October! I’m the one who’s in-charge of it so I’m asking God for help. And another one! I’m happy I found three new blogs and I’m excited to share it on my blog! They’re the one who inspires me a lot to go on with my blogging life right now even I don’t have thousands of followers!

Anyway, I guess that’s it for my September favorites!  I hope you guys are having a blast this month of October and may God bless us all! xoxo.


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