Final Project: Agape Poster!

Hi guys! It’s been a week since our semestral break has started and I almost forgot to post our final projects for our two subjects,AGD 11 & 13, (because I  got sick last Tuesday till yesterday that’s why) which is a poster for our story board.

We get a lot of errors here because our group had this issues with our leaders but despite us being 8 members in a group, I, being the eldest manage to help our leader in the best way I can so we can finish this poster in due time. Actually, half of our group only help for the poster to finish and the rest manage the printing & frames for it but we’re talking about effort so…


This is the original drawing for our poster,our leader drew it for our group and because our prof is being sooo nice to him,we decided to gave the spotlight to him. Well, I think he enjoyed it.

Anyway,the coloring and finishing of all the poster was done by our great leader,see? Hahaha!!! He really had the spotlight! But…I volunteer for the lettering to finish. I lined art and colored it with the help of Jerrie Mae,of course! Thank God,the time we were cramming for the project,our school suspend the classes on Monday because of the continuous heavy rain that Sunday night. We only did this poster project for one week!


See how detailed I am on lining art the lettering!!! I’m so proud of myself! I never imagine I’ve done something like this for a project!!! Hihihi :3


Here’s the coloring part which Jerrie Mae did most of the letters and I continued coloring the letters P & E.


Here’s our poster without the lettering…


And here’s the finish product of our poster! *u*

PS. Feel free to “lait” and sorry kung ang fail ng snake and the body proportion,again,I’m not the one who drew it. Heh! (✿◠‿◠)

Let me rant a little…every Thursday our subject, AGD 13 require us to work on our character to line art and color it on our respective computer work station but then my silly group mates have this time or most of the time posting tweets on our Twitter account which I called as a “Live Tweet”. Hahaha!!! Tapos nung time na chineck na kami ng prof namin kung anong improvement,doon niya kami hinulog at sinabing nagtu-Twitter lang. So yun! Actually,hindi lang naman kami,halos lahat sa block namin,either nagfe-Facebook or nagtu-Twitter. And ang leader namin? Hindi nga sya makapag-facebook at Twitter pero nagbabasa siya online ng Manga so kasama dapat siya. Pero hindi dahil nga nasa spotlight siya eh. Kung baga ang eyes ng prof namin sa tuwing binabanggit ang name niya is ganito (☜(ˆ▽ˆ)) Kairita diba?!



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