Enrollment day!

Last Wednesday was our enrollment day so I woke up early just to be on time for the enlisting because I don’t want to be in 1-2 section. Though I’m really annoyed on how my block mates in 1-1 act,I don’t care as long as I get along with them. Hihihi! :>

I arrived at school around 9am and my friends already finished enrolling their selves so I’m the one left at the enlisting room. I only enlist 6 subjects because I think I already take the other subjects in my past school *crosses finger*. I’m really not sure about it because I haven’t pass my TOR but I hope. At 10am,I finished all the enlisting,registration and payments so I went to Megamall since my friends are there and they will get me free lunch!



Lunch at Mcdo and did some chitchatting and picture taking after our lunch! These are the girls I bond in my first semester in school,there are regrets but hey! I love them! ❤


With Christine,the girl I love the most because she’s so cute and sweet!


And with Mary Von who don’t like taking pictures so I had this chance and took a photo with her!

I don’t have photo with Johnela and Karen but there will be next time for everything right? At 12pm we decided to go home since we all want to take a rest because we woke up really early that day. But the weather didn’t agree on us because it rained so hard! Christine and I will be on the same way going home so we walked while raining just to get at the jeep stop. We don’t have umbrella so we’re like “Mga Basang Sisiw” that time. Hahaha!!!

And because the rain didn’t stop that time,I have to go back to our school just to make sure I get a jeep properly going home. I also bought an umbrella at the Hypermarket to used on my way home. Wooooo!!! That was really a fun and haggard time with Christine! I will never forget our experience that day. Hehehe! :> I thank God I get home safely. ❤


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