My second semester schedule is kinda okay but I hate the fact that I have morning classes. C’mon! Who loves that? Well,it’s not really early unlike my old schedule that I have 7:30am class that I haven’t attended for months (but I still pass,thank God!) but still,I hate my 9:30am schedule! But for the sake of finishing my bachelor’s degree,I have to passed this sem with an A+!

Actually today is the first day of our second semester but me as a lazy ass,I didn’t attended my class because of the rainy weather plus I don’t have umbrella to bring. Oh life! But anyway,I will make sure I could attend my two major subjects tomorrow Tuesday. I’m sure that I’m going to meet again the most terrible prof I ever have in my whole college life! Dear God,send your angels with me so I can conquer my first day of school tomorrow. Hehe! 🙂

Now I’m off to sleep. I have to wake up early as I can and commute to school for an hour or two (if there’s traffic!) So goodnight guys! Have a blessed night & God bless! ❤


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