October Favorites

October has been good to me and I think I spend it wisely from the things I want to do,helping out in the house chores and spending time with my good old high school friends. And now,here is my random favorite things and such for October!

1. Goya Pretzel Twists – I love pretzels since I was a child,it was my favorite snack every recess time. And time goes by,other versions of pretzels came out and this ‘one’ caught my taste!

2. Rainbow Hair Artwork made by yours truly – I’m really proud of myself that I made this one using color pencil and watercolors. I know this is not really that good but I love this one,okay? Because I made it,hehehe!

3. Tipas Hopia in Monggo flavor – This one is also part of my childhood,who doesn’t? It’s one of my favorite snack I almost eat through out the whole month of October!

4. Chevron DIY container – I fell in love with Chevron designs lately so I decided to designed it on one of my old containers.

5. Make you feel my love by Adele – Ohhh,Dad used to sing this song when he was here in the Philippines. Listening to it makes me feel that he’s around our home. ❤

6. When I was your man by Bruno Mars – Okay,I’m not broken hearted here huh? But this one is overplayed on my playlist. I fell in love with the song! ❤

Anyway, it’s been two weeks since school has started and I’ve been busy now for paper works (though I already have absences,which frustrates me too.) Well, I know I can handle this one like I did last semester but of course with the help of our God. I’m looking forward for a good month of November and let’s all be positive despite of the disasters our country is facing.

I guess that’s it for my October favorites and may God bless us all! ❤


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