2013 In a Nutshell


Since today is the last day of year 2013, I want to do a year review all about the things happened to me this year. 2013 is really not my year,I guess? But it has given me lots of opportunities,gained new friends,chance to continue my degree course and also it has given me heartbreaks,worries,doubts and stress. But I’m still thankful to God that He never leave me throughout this year.

This will also be my first time to do a year review,I’ll be listing it chronologically according to months. Let’s get started!

  1. Dad’s leaving the country for work.
  2. Celebrating Valentines day alone.
  3. My baby sister graduated from elementary & my Lolo past away. 😦
  4. Summer getaway with my gals & my 19th birthday.
  5. Transferring to a legit University.
  6. I’m back on school and this time it’s for real,I’m going to stick with this Uni through thick and thin.
  7. Surprise movie date & our Eat Bulaga adventure!
  8. 36th monthsary with my boyfriend! ❤
  9. Attending the Flashback Acquaintance Party with my new found friends!
  10. One month long semestral break vacation!!!
  11. First time to get a warning call from the DSA because of my absences! It will never happen again,I swear!
  12. Holiday vlogging & celebrating Christmas with Dad working away from us.

Big thanks to Tumblr mass post editor,I had the chance to look back with 2013 on my blog post. I know I have several events on my life this year that I already forgot but maybe it has to be forgotten. And yes,I’m feeling ready for 2014 now! Time to list down all my resolutions and plan how my 2014 will go. Of course,I have to remember this and I’ll be leaving this verse with you guys…

“Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and he will establish your plans. – Proverbs 16:3”

Happy New Year everyone! Cheers to 2014!!! ❤


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