December Favorites

Hi everyone! I know we’re already in half of January and this post is kind of late but we have this saying “It’s better to be late than never.” so I guess that’s a better excuse too. Hehe!

Anyway,here’s a recap of my December favorites and since I skip the month of November I decided to include my November faves here. So without further ado,let’s get started!

1. Avon Simply Pretty Total Curl Mascara – I actually used this one ever since I bought it from a friend. I never use black colored mascara because I’m afraid I might ruined my eyes. But this one is an exception!

2. Elf Eyebrow Kit – This was a gift from my boyfriend and this one is my favorite from all my favorites. Well,aside the fact that it’s from the boyfriend,the quality of this brow kit is superb (for me). I never saw my eyebrows that good!

3. Avon Make-up Brushes Set – My first ever set of make-up brushes! My fave one is the foundation & eyebrow brush!!!

4. Chapstick Green Apple – This one is my favorite lip balm the month of November till December and I must say this one is definitely smells yummy like apple and it helps a lot to my chapped lips!

5. McDo Salted Caramel Sundae – Okay. This one is my ultimate sundae since it came out from the McDo store! And oh,I ate one a while ago and I’m happy it’s still available! Can Mcdo keep this forever on their store?! :3

6. Elf The Movie – December is Christmas season so I’m up for another old Christmas movie!

So that’s it for my December favorites! I hope you guys all have a wonderful start of the year ‘coz I actually have (?) oh…waiting for a good week. God bless guys! xx


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